A year ago I tried scuba diving then a couple of months after I went to the ring and had my first Muay Thai fight. I definitely had some fears and at the same time excitement but I kept telling myself life is boring if it’s lived in the comfort zone. The aftermath of those experiences has pushed me to try other things that I fear. My fear of being underwater goes way back from watching James Bond movies especially The Spy Who Loved Me and I vividly remember turning my head at every water scene. This clearly showed my fear of water. Today I tried snorkeling and swimming both of which I’m yet to learn but I sucked it up and gave it a go. Holding onto fears holds us back. I know I always wanted to swim & scuba dive but now I’m actually looking for an instructor who’ll show me how. The aim of my life is to break free, whether it’s the lack of support of going back to university at a so-called late stage in my life or dating a guy that is White, it’s all about not letting fears of what ifs or what society would say get in the way. This liberates me and feels right within. Breaking fears are not just about doing it, it is far more. It is also about the values and belief system that you’ve had that could have hindered development and breaking free from them. At times our upbringing and culture can be what we need to break free from. Whilst there is fear of what people might say it should not stop us from pushing ourselves to live life to our full potential. I have fears too but I live believing that I live my life for me to develop and to grow but instead if I lived my life through other people’s standards and beliefs it would not help me grow. Other people’s views or way of life is just that – their way of life and not mine. Their soul agenda or purpose of existence isn’t the same as mine so really how could someone else who has different views and values contribute to my life or tell me how my life should be lived? The clash here is our culture in which our families feel they know what is best for us but do they? Their intent is good but their choices may not be beneficial to us. Every soul regardless of color / nationality has its own life goals to accomplish and lessons to learn. So in a nutshell do what feels right, be what you are supposed to be without fear of what others may say about your actions or way of being. Break free. When life is too comfortable your growth becomes stagnant.  Grow because that’s why you are alive! Be authentic and live, live, live!

“A belief system is nothing more than a thought you’ve thought over and over again.” Wayne Dyer