This morning I went out at 4am to watch the Egyptian sunrise. I got up, tired but full of expectations as my Brit had seen it a few days earlier on his own and told me how spectacular it was. I waited and waited and waited, full of expectation. Whilst I waited (with the Brit) a random cat turned up. It was pretty windy and though the cat was ultra-friendly it was also ultra-playful. It continued to amuse us both as the sunrise started to throw its first streaks of yellow across the sky. Though the sunrise was nice, it was the cat that stole the show. It jumped up and down in the wind as it played with leaves and every movement in the semi-darkness was met by the cat with a waxy stare. The sunrise finished but the antics of the cat did not. As we left it jumped up in a small tree and began to entertain us with a range of acrobatic moves which the Brit captured on camera.
The whole experience got me thinking about expectations. We always try to predict future events but the fact is we really have no idea what is going to happen next. I went out fully expecting a beautiful sunrise. Instead I was entertained for an hour by a cat. Sometimes if we have a set expectation it can let us down. It is important to be flexible in life so we can adapt to what the universe might give us. It’s good to have expectations, because it means you are actually planning and thinking about your future. However, what’s damaging is when there is attachment to a set result that you have in your mind. Be prepared to expect and embrace the unexpected so you can truly enjoy the present moment. I may have loved the sunrise, but I also loved the cat show. I learned that I can enjoy something that I never expected to enjoy. Honestly, I never thought cats were that interesting!
“The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations”.
Eli Khamarov