Grace. I never really understood what grace meant until recently and I’m still figuring out how to integrate grace into my being. This all started when my Brit and I were talking about my fat days and how my personal trainer Pam had asked me to walk along the aisle. I was so self conscious. For those that know Pure Langham; the basement reception can be crowded with trainers hanging around and clients training everywhere doing weights or various routines. So my walk stunned her. She said to me “You don’t know how to walk!” I was so upset but I realized that I had a lot of work to do aside from shedding those extra pounds. I had managed to lose the weight but I didn’t pay much attention to the gracefulness of being a lady. My walk, the way I sit, the preference of short nails over long manicured nails, having eyebrows shaped or hair maintained and the list goes on are things I find annoying while most girls love doing stuff like that. I remember people telling me that I have a boyish walk. So today I asked my boyfriend to video my usual non graceful walk and then I made a conscious effort to walk again with a feminine touch. To my surprise I saw what people saw and told me regarding my walk. It lacks confidence, it has the “I don’t care” attitude almost as if rebelling against my feminine side. From viewing my own video, I had a chance to look at myself deeper and to start on a journey that I’ve neglected. For me right now it’s bringing grace into my being, so I’m proud of being a lady and to stop acting more manly. Join me in continually looking at ourselves and to discover what needs work and together we can create a better us.

P.S. Many years ago, I join Pure Fitness and for that I must thank Cora Lim who urged me to join the gym. Had it not been for her I wouldn’t have been at Pure and wouldn’t have trained with Pam.

“What a beautiful woman. She moved with grace, she was entirely feminine, and yet she possessed incredible inner strength. She’s a survivor.” — Jan Moran