When I look around me I see teenage girls that have their hair free, are fit looking and athletic. It makes me wonder what went wrong during my childhood. I was born with some body hair and wasn’t guided on what to do so I shaved and those that have done just that know the effects of it. A decade if not more later I discovered laser and that saved me. Now it’s easy to wear a bikini and feel confident. I wasn’t encouraged to take up tennis or running or sport of any kind as a kid and it did have its disadvantages. For one, guys like sporty girls especially during high school. Being sporty became something I didn’t care about and i simply didn’t realize the benefits of having fitness as part of my lifestyle. It’s now that I’m so much older that I am going back to my childhood to develop the skills that I missed out on. Swimming which is taken as a skill and sport that most people if not all know – I never did. The hairy me felt more self-conscious plus the underwater phobia added to it. Now I can swim only because I made it a priority to learn it in Egypt. My fat days forced me to rethink the way my life was going and got me into gym and Muay Thai Boxing. What I did have was classical Indian dancing (Bharatnathyam) which I do miss and i do intend to relearn it again. My childhood may not be what I wished for but I now realize the importance of having various skills that keep me healthy, fit and confident. I don’t play the victim card to get sympathy from others but instead max out on what I can learn now. If there is a sport or a skill you wish you had learnt but didn’t get a chance to, go for it now. Don’t let life pass you by.

“It is utterly false and arbitrary to put all your play and learning into your childhood, work to middle age, and all the regrets to old age.” — Margaret Mead