I have been looking through some old photographs of myself both past and present and was stunned at the obvious changes I have seen and made. The girl of 10 years ago had such different priorities and values to the girl of today. The girl of yesterday didn’t take care of herself. She wasn’t concerned with exercise, health or healthy eating. The girl of yesterday cared so much less for herself and gave all her energy to others. The girl of today has learnt to value herself and has placed her health and fitness as a priority. She has learned to love herself as well as others. With the focus she has put on herself she has seen remarkable differences especially with her body. I’m not advocating that looks is everything but it does say something about our priorities. How much we value our health and love ourselves can be seen through our eating habits and whether we incorporate fitness to our lives. Some may question “how is loving ourselves connected to staying fit and eating right”? When we love ourselves we love our body and we would ensure that we take good care of our health and stay fit. Also when we eat right to avoid health problems. If being healthy and staying fit were top on the list then regardless of getting old, being swamped with work or parenting duties;- eating right and exercising would be a part of our routine. A man often looks at a woman and judges her by her looks before pursuing a relationship. Women do the same. What this tells me is that regardless of how old we get we ought to maintain how we look because the impression we give is “I do not care about my body when I allow myself to get big”. I was big and I know from my own experience that that is the case. When there is a lack of self care on the body level it makes one wonder “how much does she care about herself in other areas like emotional well being & spiritual growth?” If we can neglect our body and eat anything that pleases the tongue then that says we lack discipline. If our mind is weak then it will also affect us emotionally, spiritually and mentally. To accomplish anything we need a strong mind. This is what I have experienced — when I was (and still am!) at my best, my Brit walked into my life. When we truly value ourselves based on how we live our life; things happen and people notice.

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” — Robin Sharma