It was really, really hot today. So hot, in fact, that I couldn’t go outside without my flip-flops on. At one point it was 47. Yes, 47! We decided to go into the old town section of Marrakech. Usually I would plan every place I would visit and everything I would do in any city I visit. This time I just turned up with the Brit in a taxi and was left in the middle of an extremely bustling and busy square. I had forgotten my hat and the Brit said “Wouldn’t it be great if we could find somewhere to buy a hat?”. Bingo, a street seller turned up about 60 seconds later and tried as hard as possible to sell me some of the worst hats in existence (the kind that say “I have been to Marrakech” in loud and large block capitals). I declined and we then just started walking. By chance (or design) we hit the main Medina and saw loads of SOUKS and really got to experience the sights and sounds of Marrakech. But where was the famous Palace that we had heard so much about? Once again, we literally walked right into it. After exploring the Palace the Brit said “Wouldn’t it be nice to find somewhere nice to eat and drink?” (we were in the middle of a really busy market). And, once again, we came across a really unusual Riad. We were taken up to the top of it where we could see an overview of Marrakech whilst the Brit enjoyed a diet coke and I sipped on an orange juice. We talked about the fact that we needed to see the Mosque next and realised as we sat in the Riad that we could see the huge minarets of the Mosque from a distance so we knew which direction we would go. Of course, we saw that too and pretty much saw everything there was of downtown.
This got me thinking about planning. How much should we plan in life and how much should we leave to chance or design? I couldn’t have designed a better day if I had tried (except for the hat incident). It was an exciting day…a spontaneous day. Things came about as they were meant to come about. It was almost as if the universe answered all our requests. Is there a grand designer behind all things? Or is life purely a game of chance?
I like to think that every event and moment in our life happens for a reason. That there is someone or something looking after us through thick and thin. When we fall, we fall for a very good reason. When we rise, there’s a reason for that too. The universe shapes and creates the experiences we need as individuals to grow. But can we also become the architects of our own fate? I think so too. Our external reality reflects our internal reality rather like a mirror. Everything inside of us is reflected outwards into the world; into the people we meet and the things we see. What we are is what our world is. In a strange and complex way we are our own universe. And if we are our own universe then yes, we can change it.
Anyway, I am tired now so I’m off for a kip. XX

“The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.” –Marcus Aurelius