As I’ve just started a new job it has me pondering about why I work? Clearly to have money. But why do we need to work 40-60 hours a week? Most of our waking hours is spent at work and not with people we love or things we enjoy doing. When death comes it won’t matter how much we have earned or what job we had so working our lives away seems pointless. Some may argue that to live a comfortable life we need certain things and for that we need to work. I look around my flat and I have collected a lot of things and I don’t see myself being happier from having these things. I feel trapped. Trapped because I have more of what I don’t actually need. More stuff just clutters my space. I feel that man has created all sorts of norms which we should live by but these norms pull us away from simplicity. According to society our lives should include a secure career, a house, a family, stable bank balance, holidays to enjoy life or destress, etc. However what I find funny is when we are lying on our deathbed none of these things will make any difference and yet we choose these things over connecting to God or living a simple life. When was the last time you admired the waves on the beach, fed turtles, stared at the radiant sun as it rises. These pleasures are priceless and beautiful but sadly we prefer having the latest Prada bag or Ferrari car. Money is important but it shouldn’t replace how we live and what we value. We work our lives away in return causing work related stress which results in health problems. The money earned then goes to getting our health back. Isn’t it a stupid cycle we live by? If we just live in moderation then we won’t have stress deriving from work and we then won’t have to spend our latter years suffering. What’s more silly is we let studies govern our early years then work during our prime years and then we get old and sick and we wait to die. How lame is our existence really! Perhaps a change in how we live can change the course of our lives.

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like.” Will Smith