I got home this evening and I was reading various obituaries online. Yes, obituaries. As odd as it may seem I did that to deliberately reflect on my own life. This was to remind me to stop and see whether I’m living my life the way I want so if death comes knocking at my door I’d actually be happy with the way I lived.

Priya Parker highlighted at her Tedx recently that we need to live our lives backwards, starting from our deathbed. Obituaries can state the success and fame you achieved however for me that’s not my goal. As I write this blog it allows me to think about my obituary. One thing I know is I want to live a life following my own path, listening to my inner voice and following my dreams. If by doing so I’m going against the norms or my culture or someone else’s expectations sadly I’ll have to say – “so be it!” Our lives need to be purely on what we aspire to be and if our surroundings supports that that’s great and if it doesn’t that’s even better! Better because it shows how much you want it. Will you move mountains to be who you want to be? Og Mandino, a writer I’m lately fascinated by writes in his book “Choice”, on seeing his two sons on Father’s Day and notices how they’ve grown and how he’s missed many of their school events. It was just an ordinary day but for some reason he saw something he hadn’t noticed before. He saw before him time that he lost. Years had gone by and his younger son was no longer a baby. He saw the time that was gone, never to be lived again. He realized what he had to do with the time he has left. That was his turning point. He made drastic changes and the people around thought he was being illogical and thought he was mad. Why? Because he didn’t follow the norms of our society. He followed his childhood dream; his heart. This isn’t just about a career decision but also how we live our lives. How we use time and with whom. Every moment spent should bring meaning to our lives. We should enjoy living. I don’t mean constant partying and living it up because that’s a life that’s basically wasted. It brings zero meaning to one’s life. What I mean by enjoying life is that it should make you feel alive from within – a feeling of excitement and contentment. I tried this a few days back when I was teaching and it felt great knowing that all I had to do was change how I viewed things and it brought my drive and passion back even more.

I’m gonna sign off by drafting by own obituary because it’ll solidify how I want to live my life. Join me in living life backwards, from obituary to the present. God bless.

“Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.” Lao Tzu

“Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you are living?” Bob Marley