When was the last time you were grateful? I know it’s been a long time for me since I’ve stepped back and noticed how lucky I am. I have a home that is surrounded by love and honesty. I have clean water, nice food, pretty clothes and the list goes on of what I have. And yet I haven’t noticed any of the things I have. Rabten, my Buddhist monk mentioned recently that it’s only when we lose what we have that we see the value in them. I realize today that I take what I have for granted. He talked about the MTR. We are barely if ever grateful for having such an efficient train system. Instead we complain when it is overcrowded or delayed. He went on about how it takes that guy next to you who’s exhaling down your neck as you hang onto the strap hanger to have the train we have. If Hong Kongers didn’t use the public transport as much as we do, it wouldn’t be as efficient as it is. It takes us to create this amazing public transport in addition to the MTR engineers and staff. We have not just this brilliant train system but a lot more that we desire and yet we complain more about what is missing. A sign of constant dissatisfaction.

I haven’t said thank you to all that the universe has given me but instead as a spoilt brat I’ve complained about what I don’t like and what I should have instead. The first step to awakening is to accept situations and people for the way they are and not wanting it to be any different. Accept and love anyways. My lack of acceptance has resulted in migraines lately. Now when I see how silly I’ve been, I know that all I can do is accept and love that which I cannot change and be grateful for what may seem challenging because life could be worse. Working with love will change the way we see things. If we all constantly complain about what we don’t like it results in the lack of tolerance we have. Growth doesn’t come from having everything our way but instead it comes when we surrender and see the good in the so-called bad.

“When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.” — Gilbert K. Chesterton