A couple of days ago, we were innocently walking out of the hotel and saw a few crows nibbling away at something. Because there are quite a few crows in the hotel, I started examining them closely. But seeing what they were picking on did my stomach in. I was disgusted beyond belief. My views about crows changed instantly. A dead rat was now food for these birds. I felt sick!

Today, as we were walking back to the hotel, 3 ducks that belong to the hotel that are always by the tiny garden were fighting. First, I thought they were messing around just like how animals do but after awhile I noticed how the 2 ducks were aggressively attacking one of the other ducks. One of the ducks was biting the duck’s neck while the other was pinning her down. It was a painful scene to stand there and see an innocent duck being attacked.

I went back to my room and tears started rolling down my eyes. I sat on my bed and prayed. It may seem strange that these events affected me but the truth of the matter is it did and it still does. It hurts because it showed me what animals can do and the same goes for humans. Even though we as humans have intellect and consciousness, we are governed by our animalistic instincts.  Our ego or self dominates us a lot of the time. We become like the duck, we will attack others for what we believe is deserving. Some humans won’t think twice about stabbing others in the back. We will eat an animal because we justify that we need to for nutritional reasons. The crows will not think twice about what it ate and sadly we are not dissimilar to them. If something has some intrinsic benefits then it’s worth consuming. Do we even consider the life that we have taken? (even if it’s indirectly).

I’m an omnivore and I feel uncomfortable with my food choices, as I still eat chicken and fish.  I believe in karma and the fact that as humans we can consciously choose to be more animalistic or pure (such as Buddha nature) and these events gave me a chance to reflect on the life I’m living. The journey I believe in is to work towards treating people with kindness as much as I can. The ducks reminded me of what not to be.

I hope this makes you ponder about how you choose to live because as humans we can choose to live a different way and we can be kind. Have a mindful day! 🙂

“The question is not, can they reason? Nor can they talk? But, can they suffer? — Jeremy Bentham