I love my food, whether it’s dark chocolate or smoked salmon. Because of this love, I took an interest in understanding what food does to my body. I know that certain foods contribute to weight gain easily such as starchy and sugary foods. However there is so much to find out on what foods suit me so I began reading. I’m still learning as we speak.

One morning I got up and made breakfast like I always do. I had Columbian scrambled eggs, avocado and blueberries. Soon after I had my breakfast I felt ill. I felt bloated and heavy. I didn’t do anything about it with the hopes that it would subside. Then on another occasion, after an intense workout I ate some raw cacao macaroons and as I was on the ferry back home, the pain and heaviness returned. This reoccurred a few more times with all sorts of foods so I decided to consult doctors. I consulted various Eastern and Western doctors and even my spiritual mentors. What I found out was very varied but nevertheless interesting.

According to my Western doctor, there was acidity reflux in my stomach and I needed to avoid diary, meat and caffeine for 5 days. Basically it meant I needed to increase my alkaline foods which was interesting because my diet included lots of greens. Whilst according to my spiritual mentors, my body is changing to who I am now and the foods I was eating were not working for me & I needed to detox. My Eastern doctor told me to avoid cold foods, nuts and diary. Similarly one of my mentors told me that for my body to digest nuts it takes a lot of acidity so even if the food is alkaline the process of breaking it down causes too much acidity that it does me harm. I was told to avoid cold foods simply because of my body temperature. I needed foods that were room temperature or hot and that cold foods did not suit my body temperature. Moreover diary foods are high acidity foods so even though they contribute to my protein intake. I had to avoid them. Given how my Western doctor had suggested to eat mainly vegetables, my mentors suggested detoxing and my Eastern doctor suggested to have room temperature foods; I decided to juice or just have greens for a week. Whilst I was juicing and having greens, I felt great! I had lots of energy during the day.

Coincidentally, I was introduced to Tara Stiles and learnt more about whole foods, juicing, yoga and meditation. It was perfect timing. My discovery is what Tara says in her book, “Make Your Own Rules Diet” to not follow a diet but follow your body. It does not mean eat what you want because by doing that we may end up eating McDonald’s given how our palates and old habits tend to govern us. But instead we eat what our body tells us. It is about learning to listen to our bodies. This was an eye opener for me because as I meditated more, I felt more in touch with my body. I felt I understand my body more.

I am still learning about food and my body as it is an on-going journey. I suggest not to diet but to eat clean and to pay attention to what your body wants. That way you will eat the right foods and the appropriate amounts. It will naturally help with weight loss and with having more energy.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” — Buddha