A few days ago a friend of mine got engaged. I was overjoyed for her. I started thinking about what made me this happy about her being engaged. For obvious reasons, this was something she really wanted. But more than that, they have a love that I rarely see today.

I was lucky enough to have recently met her fiancé and I could see in his eyes the love he has for her. I could see in that brief time I was with them, how she was supportive by asking him how his meeting went and then by following up with more questions. I noticed that she might not have known the details of what the meeting was all about, but she took an active interest. She showed him that his day mattered to her and she wanted to know about it. She was ready to listen even though she was tired. I also noticed how her fiancé took an interest in her and was asking her how the meditation class went. He was open to hearing about it even though he admitted to not knowing how to meditate. The genuineness and frankness that they have is what love consists of. As I sat there listening to them and being engaged as I’m quite talkative myself, I was reminded about love and what makes a relationship last. A few days after, when she told me this amazing news, I was thrilled for her. Being enveloped in this happiness, it brought me back to my time of being engaged and what it meant to me.

I remember how much I wanted to settle down. I needed that security especially because I never felt secure growing up; coming from a broken family. When that day came, I felt so happy like I had never felt before.

Being engaged allowed me to move on to other areas of my life and grow in ways that I wouldn’t have had it not been for my husband. He has been and always will be my pillar and confidante. Because he is my strength, our growth is one that inspires me to love our marriage even more.

Now that I am married and it’s been nearly 2 years, I feel that he has contributed massively to the woman I am today. Being with the person who looks at you with love and listens to you as a friend is one to have for life. My friend reminded me about the simple things that I forget to notice and for that I am truly grateful.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage – Lao Tzu