About the Book



A Girl’s Faith, is collection of short stories dedicated to Karina’s Grandma, who passed away in 2018. More importantly, her memoir uncovers her experiences as a rape survivor, and how she coped with abuse at the hands of an adult who misused his power. Her story exposes how she overcame the solitude she felt as a child. Her short stories about her life, reveal how Karina managed o eradicate stereotypes, learn about deep forgiveness and challenge herself to embrace her untold story. Until she found the guidance and support she needed, Karina was unable to move forward into a purposeful life as an adult. She uncovers the relationship she had with her maiden name; Komal and a conscious decision to change her identity, which enabled her to emerge from the murkiness of her past like a lotus flower. Karina is a qualified counselor from Monash University, Australia, specializing in Trauma and Relationship counseling. As a vegan, minimalist and a Buddhist, Karina lives by the motto of being the best version of herself by embodying a simple and mindful life.