I Learnt 3 Valuable Lessons

Whilst growing up I was never around animals and when I was, I was afraid of them. I have no idea why I was scared of them. I must have been incorrectly wired to believe that animals can hurt me so I always kept my distance. Besides, living in the city I did not have much opportunity to be around them so my lack of exposure limited me in knowing and understanding them.  Fast forward to today. I’m in love with animals. Especially in the last year. I am stunned at how little I knew about them. My ignorance got me curious to learn about the many beautiful species and so my journey began.  One of my favourite animals are dogs and specifically border collies. I have been lucky enough to get to know Lily. Lily is 4 years old and shes is a quarter labrador but she has very distinct border collie characteristics. Lily loves being around people and when she is stroked or itched, her facial expression can melt one’s heart. I know because it did mine. I am learning valuable lessons from Lily.  Lily is authentic. She waits by the stairs because she knows that we walk down the stairs and she gets attention; love. She is not embarrassed to display that side of her. It reminds me how I used to find it hard to ask for love. I masked what I wanted hence made it hard for others to know when I needed support or comfort. But if I showed what I felt then there would not be any issues in getting the love... read more

What makes a holiday oh-so special?

Going away for the weekend to spend a bit of downtime together led us to Tai Chung, a city in Taiwan. We loved every bit of it. Not because it was glamorous because that would be Hong Kong or Dubai. It was very average in terms of urbanization. So why did we like it so much? The city has the perfect balance of great infrastructure with greenery infused in it.

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What a blissful weekend looks like? 

Have you ever gone to a place and felt like time has stopped and you’ve gone back in time? That’s how my weekend felt like.

We frequently go to this place, the second hand bookstore and get some great buys. Last Saturday was no different. As we left, we got chatting with the owner, a retired Englishman. I learnt so much about him, his family, his life and we even chatted about diet and fitness. I was so intrigued that I didn’t want to leave!

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Live Your Childhood Dream

I’m hitting 41 this year and yet I feel like a kid. I feel more alive than ever. I remember when I was in high school, I loved writing. I was one of the editors of the school newsletter and was so proud of my work even though it probably wasn’t all that great! I had the passion and the love for writing. Even though I was not fortunate enough to study writing after graduation, my first Masters was in Creative Writing and now I blog whenever time permits.

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For Buddha’s Day of Enlightenment

I’m often reminded in my own practice about the different states of consciousness that the mind can reach. I was doing a Sam Harris meditation with my husband a few days back and it very much stressed the idea of anatta (no self). This is a great meditation for realising that you have no self at all but it slightly ignores the different stages of consciousness that can reach towards this one point. For beginners, this would be an extremely difficult meditation as it doesn’t pin point the necessary conditions that are needed to reach the state of no-mind.

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Are We Awake?

Samadhi is usually translated as concentration and from my perspective it is an essential meditation practice. The practice of Samadhi envisages a mind that is calm, clear and gentle. It is unattached to anything and let’s go of thoughts as easily as raindrops gently dripping from a leaf during a Summer storm. It is very hard to achieve this state of mind as we have been so conditioned by life. Every form of conditioning must be removed for Samadhi to be achieved. Samadhi can be achieved in short bursts or in a whole lifetime (an example would be the Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh). To obtain longer spans of Samadhi we must look to firstly reconditioning ourselves, and secondly to letting go of conditioning of any state or form. This is much harder than it sounds!

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