“This memoir is a monumental act of courage by the author. Victims of sexual exploitation go through an unspeakable emotional journey which is full of despondency, shame and secrets. Karina has walked though the fire, emerged like a phoenix from the ashes and fearlessly shares her story. This book is a must-read because more than anything, it is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and its absolute refusal to succumb to darkness.”  – Lavina Valiram, Author of, Entrepreneur


“Karina’s journey reminds us that we can overcome any past trauma with courage and with the right guidance.  It is not a story of victimisation, but more accurately one of having lived through it and survived.  It is a must-read for those going through trauma and seeking ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.  – Michelle Tanmizi, Behavioural Coach and Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Writer.


“Reading this book makes forgiveness of any kind seem possible. Karina shares her story vulnerably and proactively, channeling the intense emotion of her experiences and turning it into wisdom she has that is relevant and impacting to all. A must read for anyone on a journey of self-love, discovery and recovery.”  Keshia Hannam, Co-Founder, Camel Assembly & Journalist 


“Brought together with a common cause — the #metoo movement — Karina is one of the bravest people I have ever met. Her personal story is one of a young girl’s abuse and then of a fierce woman’s survival. I cried for the little girl and I cheered for the courageous Karina – her passion, her determination and her ability to forgive above all else. This memoir is just the first chapter of a life still to be lived, loved and be told – I look forward to the sequel!” – Karen See, Co-Founder, Embrace Worldwide


The passion Karina brings to her fitness is the same passion you feel when reading A Girl’s Faith; a story of empowerment every female possesses but is held back due to societies taboos. Karina openly shares her struggles and breakthroughs to empower us to overcome those fears and barriers as well. – Stephanie Poelman, Managing Director at Pherform Gym


Karina’s story is one that needs to be told, especially in the wake of #MeToo. That an ordinary, middle class girl from an educated family can suffer for years without anyone noticing is a testament to the widespread nature of sexual abuse against women across the world. A Girl’s Faith will change you and will make you wonder: who else? A must read.

– Sonalie Figueiras, Green Queen.


“I simply love your spirit. Fighting spirit indeed. Truly inspiring. Your strength, your resilience are a testament to us. What you have been through and what you have become defied the odds. It’s heartwarming knowing you. – Alain Ngalani, World Champion, Kickboxing


“I am writing to you to applaud you for having the courage to write a book on a topic, which continues to remain one of the darkest social taboos of our society. We sure hope that your book becomes a medium to sensitise the masses about the harsh realities of incest abuse” – Supreet Dhiman of End Incest


Karina is one of the bravest women I know. Her indomitable spirit -a mixture of sass, courage and empathy-  has served her well. She has faced tremendous odds yet continues to slay dragons and defy worlds and, most importantly, speak her truth. Her willingness to open the door and shed light into the most private, painful experiences of her life offers a voice of hope to the millions of women across the globe who can identify with her words. – Shakti Sutriasa- LCSW, MA – founder of Decide Differently and popular meditation teacher


Karina is the “Change she wishes to see”. Through sharing her painful journey through sexual abuse by a trusted family member,and moving on to forgiving the perpetrator and becoming a counselor and supporter of others,Karina shows us to a way to move forward. Her book also raises consciousness,which is very important especially in these times when victims are mocked and laughed at by leaders of some countries and ordinary people.

I have watched Karina walk through the ardous path and emerge with her faith restored in her fellow human beings and being dedicated to help make a good life for all. – Rama.  My 7&3/4 year old granddaughter helped me,to write this


“An inspiring true story of love, hope, and victory―and of one woman who was determined to make a difference in the wake of a crime.  I applaud her ability to rise above, forgive and be a model of courage for others.  If you want to know what courage looks like then please meet Karina Calver.”

– Judy O’Beirn, International Bestselling Author of Unwavering Strength series

“A Girl’s Faith’ is a strong and empowering memoir about a young girl who went through many adversities in her life and how she pulled through, and became the amazing role model that young girls are able to look up to and aspire to be like. A tear-jerking page turner, Karina Calver speaks her truth and finds her true self through her journey.” – Michellie Reis De Souza, Feminist, 15 (2018)


“Karina embodies supreme courage in how she transcended a tragic personal life event – the stories in “A Girl’s Fiath” are both captivating and inspiring. It will be an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss; the secret to feeling alive again are within these pages.” – Jennie Lynn, #1 Best-selling Author of Magnetic Love


“A catalyst for change, Karina is the embodiment of forgiveness, empowerment and growth. She exposes what it truly means to be a woman.” – Tyra Eberwein, Health Influencer (@Lift_Vegan) and future dietician, 19 (2018)