Do You Love Yourself?

I have been looking through some old photographs of myself both past and present and was stunned at the obvious changes I have seen and made. The girl of 10 years ago had such different priorities and values to the girl of today. The girl of yesterday didn’t take care of herself. She wasn’t concerned with exercise, health or healthy eating. The girl of yesterday cared so much less for herself and gave all her energy to others. The girl of today has learnt to value herself and has placed her health and fitness as a priority.


When I look around me I see teenage girls that have their hair free, are fit looking and athletic. It makes me wonder what went wrong during my childhood. I was born with some body hair and wasn’t guided on what to do so I shaved and those that have done just that know the effects of it. A decade if not more later I discovered laser and that saved me. Now it’s easy to wear a bikini and feel confident.


Grace. I never really understood what grace meant until recently and I’m still figuring out how to integrate grace into my being. This all started when my Brit and I were talking about my fat days and how my personal trainer Pam had asked me to walk along the aisle. I was so self conscious. For those that know Pure Langham; the basement reception can be crowded with trainers hanging around and clients training everywhere doing weights or various routines. So my walk stunned her.

Image really matters?

Human beings tend to place too much emphasis on image. The image we exhibit to certain people just to look good is actually deceiving. We aren’t what we portray. We show what others would like to see. We feel it is essential to be liked & accepted hence we abide by the norms of society. These norms actually make us act in a way that is intrinsically different to what we truly are.